A statement of affirmation of the Christian doctrine, and in particular, Southern Baptist confessions of faith: “In Doctrine, Uncorrupt” is a compilation of articles, discussing topics such as abortion, homosexuality, religious liberty, theology, notable clergy/lay people, and numerous others. Written with an ecumenical spirit in mind, the ideals of Catholic truth are layered within traditional evangelical arrangement. May God bless your heart with an interest to uncover truths of the Bible through sound teaching, discover the fruitful lives/moments by others in the Christian Faith, and see the proper responses to issues in Christendom. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Chapter One: Keep It Holy

(1) Be Ye Thankful (2) Reflection Upon Advent (3) Daughter to the Church (4) Enlightening in Unity (5) Framer of Missionary Formation & Support (6) God Hath Raised Him from the Dead

Chapter Two: Set In Order

(7) Righteous Liberty (8) Respect for Governmental Authority (9) In Truth and In Deed (10) Be Not Ashamed (11) Free from Bonds (12) Exhorting the Word (13) Missional Mandate (14) The Writing of God

Chapter Three: Obey The Commandments

(15) Protect the Innocent Blood (16) Disordered Belief (17) Humble Yourselves, Therefore (18) Converteth the Sinner

Chapter Four: Believe Also In Me

(19) Newness of Life (20) The Love of the Father (21) Bought With A Price (22) Foreknowledge of the Creator (23) Passion Love (24) Lamb of God (25) Trust Thou in the Lord

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